AeroShell Fluid 12 Shell

AeroShell Fluid 12 :

AeroShell Fluid 12 is a low volatility synthetic ester oil used in aircraft instruments and also for the general lubrication of aircraft. It is oxidation and corrosion inhibited, and possesses good high and low temperature characteristics

Main Applications Of Shell AeroShell Fluid 12

  • AeroShell Fluid 12 is used for general aircraft lubrication as well as for aircraft gyro instrument gimbal bearings,
    separately lubricated high speed turbines and compressors, aircraft air cycle equipment and electronic equipment. AeroShell Fluid 12 is particularly suitable for use when an oil with a low evaporation rate is required at high and low temperatures.
  • AeroShell Fluid 12 is a synthetic oil and it should not be
    used in contact with incompatible seal materials such as
    neoprene or natural rubber. Suitable seal materials include Fluorocarbon (Viton). AeroShell Fluid 12 may also affect certain paints and plastics. It is recommended that components are evaluated for compatibility if there is any question.
Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations Of AeroShell Fluid 12
  • MIL-PRF-6085E
  • DEF STAN 91-49 (British) equivalent
  • AIR 3511/A (French)
  • NATO Code O-147
  • Joint Service Designation OX-14
    For a full listing of equipment approvals and recommendations, please consult your local Shell Technical Helpdesk.
Typical Physical Characteristics Of AeroShell Fluid 12
Properties MIL-PRF-83282D Typical
Oil type Synthetic Hydrocarbon Synthetic Hydrocarbon
Kinematic viscosity @2050C mm2/s 1.0 min 1.07
Kinematic viscosity @1000C mm2/s 3.45 min 3.53
Kinematic viscosity @400C mm2/s 14.0 min 14.33
Kinematic viscosity @–400C mm2/s 2200 max 2098
Flashpoint (Cleveland Open Cup) 0C 205 min 237
Fire Point 0C 245 min 251
Total Acidity mgKOH/g 0.10 max 0.01
Evaporation loss 6.5 hrs @1500C % m 20 max 10
Relative density @15.6/15. 60C Report 0.85
Pour point 0C -55 max Below -55
Oxidation and corrosion @1210C mg/100 l stability 168 hrs - insolubles ASTM D4636 Must pass Passes
Low temperature stability 72 @-540C hrs MIL-PRF-6085 Must pass Passes
Precipitation number ml ASTM D91 0 max 0
Corrosivity MIL-PRF-6085 Must pass Passes
Corrosivity MIL-PRF-6085 Must pass Passes

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