Aquaroll 622 (HC) Balmerol

Aquaroll 622 (HC) :

Product Description Of Aquaroll 622 (HC) high Performance Semi-Synthetic Cold Rolling Oil

Balmerol Aquaroll 622 (HC) belongs to the family of high performance semi-synthetic meta-stable emulsion forming cold rolling oils tailor-made for 6-Hi CR mills. It is formulated with a synergistic blend of synthetic esters, natural fats and special purpose additives to provide desired lubricity, load-bearing ability and resistance to oxidation & microbial growth. The formulation package provides good gauge reduction characteristics, enhanced roll life, very good strip cleanliness through its inherent detergency, total burn-off characteristic and greatly extended emulsion life.

Features & Benefits Of Aquaroll 622 (HC)

Balmerol Aquaroll 622 (HC) provides the following benefits:

  • Outstanding inherent load bearing ability compared to mineral base product
  • Fortified with special purpose additive to provide desired lubricity
  • Excellent gauge reduction characteristics
  • Good strip cleanliness, provided by inherent detergency and good burn off characteristics of this oil results in improved quality of rolled steel
  • Much reduced specific oil consumption also ensures direct savings to the user
Applications / Recommendations Of Aquaroll 622 (HC)
  • For best performance, Balmerol Aquaroll 622 (HC) is recommended to be used at an emulsion strength of 3-5%. The emulsion should preferably be made with demineralised water with low chloride and sulphate content, although, the product can withstand the effect of electrolytes to a considerable extent.
  • Use of mechanical stirrers in the emulsion tanks would vastly facilitate uniformity of emulsion and resultant superior rolling performance. In absence of stirrers, continuous recirculation of the emulsion is recommended. Availability of electrical heating facility to maintain emulsion at 50-550C is most beneficial for emulsion health and resultant rolling performance.
Balmerol Aquaroll 622 (HC)
Properties Aquaroll 622 (HC)
Colour & Appearance Dark Brown liquid
Kinematic Viscosity, ASTM D 445, cst @ 40°C 45 -55
Specific Gravity @ 30oC 0.90 - 0.92
Acid Value, mg KOH/g, max 12
Saponification Value, mg KOH/g 120 - 140
pH, 3% emulsion in distilled water 7-May
E.S.I. of 5% emulsion in DM water @ 55° C 0.65 - 0.80
Burn-off temparature (TGA), °C Excellent

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high Performance Semi-Synthetic Cold Rolling Oil Aquaroll 622 (HC), Balmerol in India
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