Calplex L1 Balmerol

Calplex L1 :

Product Description Of Calplex L1 Premium Quality, Multipurpose, Water Resistant, Extreme Pressure Grease

Balmerol Calplex Greases are premium quality, multipurpose, water resistant, extreme pressure grease based on complex soap thickener and heavy metal free extreme pressure additives. It is formulated with high viscosity base oil and is designed for lubrication of bearings working in wet environment such as steel mill bearings.

Features & Benefits Of Calplex L1 Premium Quality, Multipurpose, Water Resistant, Extreme Pressure Grease

  • Natural EP property
  • Good mechanical stability
  • Excellent water resistance and good dispensing properties
  • Adhesive properties provide coating to exposed parts
  • Easily pumpable
Applications / Recommendations:Of Calplex L1 Premium Quality, Multipurpose, Water Resistant, Extreme Pressure Grease
  • The main application of Balmerol Calplex Grease is in bearings operating under severe conditions including shock loading in wet environment such as in cold rolling mills
  • Balmerol Calplex Greases are suitable for centralized grease dispensing equipment. Grease consumption is drastically reduced due to better grease adhesiveness and better resistance to water wash out
  • Good mechanical stability of the grease results in better bearing protection and maximization of bearing life in water wash out conditions
Balmerol Calplex Grease
Properties Calplex L0 Calplex L1
Colour Black Black
Appearance Smooth and Tacky Smooth and Tacky
Thickener type Calcium Complex Calcium Complex
Base Oil Type Mineral Mineral
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C, ASTM D 445, cst 135 - 165 135 - 165
Viscosity Index, ASTM D 2270 80 80
Flash Point, (COC),°C , ASTM D 92 200 200
Worked Penetration 60/60 strokes at 25°C, 355 - 385 310-340
ASTM D 217
Penetration Change after 100000 strokes, max., ± 25 ± 25
ASTM D 217 (Units)
Dropping Point °C, min, ASTM D 566 204 204
Copper Strip corrosion@ 100° C, 24 hrs, max. Negative Negative
ASTM D 4048
Water wash out @ 80°C, % loss, max. ASTM D 7 7
Oxidation stability, 100h, kgf/cm² drop, max., 0.7 0.7
ASTM D 942
Wheel Bearing test: ASTM D 1263
a) Leakage in gms 5 5
b) Deposits in wheel bearing races or rollers Free from deposits Free from deposits
c) Evidence of abnormal change in consistency No change No change
d) Indication of dry running races No dry running No dry running
Roll stability test penetration, after 16 hrs, % 15 15
Change, max, ASTM D 1831
Timken OK load, kgs, min. ASTM D 2509 16 16
Four Ball Weld load, kgs, min., IP 239 200 400
Four Ball Wear Scar Dia, mm, IP 239 0.5 0.5
Heat Stability @ 100°C, 30 hrs, % loss, max. IS 5 5
1448 P-89
Emcor Rust test rating, IP -220 0,0 0,0
Rust test rating, ASTM D 1743 Passes Passes
Freedom from deleterious particles, number of 10 10
scratches, ASTM D 1404

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Premium Quality, Multipurpose, Water Resistant, Extreme Pressure Grease Calplex L1, Balmerol in India
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