Molub-Alloy 8031/6000 Castrol

Molub-Alloy 8031/6000 :

The Castrol Molub-Alloy  8031 range are based on a high viscosity base oil gel formulated with a non-soap, inorganic thickening system. They contain a high viscosity base fluid especially designed to provide extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear characteristics to the lubricant.

A proprietary blend of Molub-Alloy lubricating solids is included to promote anti-wear and load carrying properties beyond those of conventional lubricants. Molub-Alloy lubricating solids work synergistically with chemical anti-wear  and extreme pressure (EP) additives to reduce contact temperatures and wear while providing the ultimate in anti-weld protection under extreme pressure and shock loading.

Application Of Castrol Molub-Alloy 8031/6000

Molub-Alloy 8031 is designed to lubricate heavily loaded open gears, screw type actuators, and low to moderate velocity bushings and bearings equipped with centralized or sump type lubrication systems.

This range is recommended for use in open gear applications in cement, mining and any other industries, requiring anti-scuff and anti-wear protection and where no product build-up is desired. It is also suited for units containing bushings, bearings and/or gears where ISO 1500, 3000 or 6000 viscosity grade lubricant is required, but straight fluid lubricants leak out.

Advantages Of Molub-Alloy 8031/6000

  • Formulated to minimize distribution line plugging tendency – minimizes the potential for eventual plugging of the lubricant distribution lines commonly associated with conventional greases.
  • Readily pumpable and slumpable for good lubricant distribution – good lubricant distribution in enclosed and semi-enclosed applications, and drainable for ease of removal from surrounding guards. This product is also specifically formulated to flush contaminants from gear and pinion flanks, and to resist accumulation in the roots of gear teeth.
  • Highly thixotropic – exhibits a stable form at rest but becomes a fluid when agitated, therefore will not run off the gear teeth. However it will still spread easily and evenly, since the gel-like lube ‘liquifies’ when pressure is applied, carrying away both heat and contaminants.
  • Formulated to address environmental concerns – free of solvents, lead, antimony, and barium
Additional Information Of Molub-Alloy 8031/6000

In order to minimize potential incompatibilities when converting to a new grease, all previous lubricant should be removed as much as possible prior to operation. During initial operation, relubrication intervals should be monitored closely to ensure all previous lubricant is purged.

Typical Characteristics Of Molub-Alloy 8031/6000
Method Unit 8031/1500 8031/3000 8031/6000
Appearance, Visual - - Dark and opaque Dark and opaque Dark and opaque
Thickener Type - - Inorganic Inorganic Inorganic
Base Oil Type - - Mineral oil Mineral oil Mineral oil
NLGI Grade - - 0 0 0
Density @ 20ºC/68ºF ASTM D 1475 - 0.933 0.941 0.942
ISO 2592 ASTM D92 °C/°F 225/437 218/425 232/450
Base Fluid Flash Point
Worked Penetration, ISO 2137 ASTM D217 0.1 mm 400-430 400-430 400-430
60 Strokes @ 25ºC/77ºF
ISO 3104 ASTM D445 mm2/s 1600 3000 6000
Base Oil Viscosity @ 40ºC/104ºF
ISO 2160 ASTM D4048 Rating 1b 1b 1b
Copper Corrosion, 24 hrs, 100ºC/212ºF
Four Ball EP Test Load Wear Index Weld Load ASTM D2596 kg
51 88 70
620 400 800
Brookfield Viscosity - cP 46,000 80,000 48,000
Spindle No. 7, 10 rpm @ 25ºC/77ºF
FZG Test, A/2.76/50 Method, Failure Stage DIN 51354 Rating >12 >12 >12
US Steel Timken Retention Test, 15kg/33 LB @ 30 minutes - Rating Pass Pass Pass
Pumpability by Lincoln Ventmeter @ -1ºC/30ºF
@ -7ºC/20ºF US Steel Psi 140 210 200
@ -12ºC/10ºF 300 440 380
830 840 790
DIN Classification DIN 51826 - - OGPF 00 K-20 -
ISO Classification ISO 6743/9 - L-XCBFB 00 L-XBCGB-00 L-XABFB 00

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