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Multi-Vehicle ATF-LV :

Product Description Of Multi-Vehicle ATF-LV Premium Synthetic Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid

Gulf Multi-Vehicle ATF-LV is a fully synthetic low viscosity automatic transmission fluid exclusively designed with advanced multi-vehicle additive technology to serve a broad range of vehicles. It is formulated with synthetic base stock and state of the art additive technology to provide potential fuel efficiency benefits and demanding performance in the complex requirements of Automatic Transmission/ Vehicle Manufacturers of Europe, North America and Asia including the JASO 1-A performance standard created by Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Association.

Features & Benefits Multi-Vehicle ATF-LV Premium Synthetic Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid

  • Excellent thermo-oxidative stability, wear protection and resistance to chemical deterioration leads to longer fluid and transmission life
  • Low viscosity help reduce pumping losses, drag effect and churning losses
  • Improved anti-shudder properties, torque capacity, low temperature properties coupled with balanced frictional stability provides better shift feel and drivability
  • Enhanced anti-corrosion properties, excellent foam inhibition and seal protection offers better fluid stability and hardware compatibility
  • Minimizes cost of inventory and risk of misapplication due to the suitability for varied applications.
  • Extremely high Viscosity index and shear stability ensures adequate lubrication over wider temperature range
Applications Multi-Vehicle ATF-LV Premium Synthetic Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid
  • Automatic transmissions of North American cars & trucks requiring fluid meeting GM Dexron® VI and MERCON® -LV quality fluids.
  • Automatic transmission manufactured by Allison, ZF and others where such fluids are recommended
  • Gulf Multi-Vehicle ATF-LV is recommended as Fit-For-Use for modern Automatic Transmissions of various OEMs
OEM Specifications OEM Specifications
Allison C-4 ZF M 1375
Chrysler ATF+3®, ATF+4® Hyundai SP-IV
GM DEXRON®-III, H-Spec Toyota Type WS
DEXRON®-VI Type T-IV (JWS 3309)
Honda ATF-Z1 (Except CVT) Diamond SP-II
JASO 1A-02 Mitsubishi
JASO M 315 Class 1 A Diamond SP-III
Ford MERCON® V Matic D
MERCON® -LV Nissan Matic J
Mitsubishi Diamond SP-II Matic S
Diamond SP-III Matic K
Meets the following specifications
Toyota Type WS, Nissan Matic S, Hyundai SP-IV X
Allison C-4, TES 295, JASO M 315 Class 1A X
Typical Properties
Test Parameters ASTM Method Typical Values
Viscosity @ 100 ºC, cSt D 445 5.5
Viscosity Index D 2270 180
Flash Point, ºC D 92 183
Pour Point, ºC D 97 -48
Brookfield Viscosity @ -40 0C, cP D 2983 9800
Density @ 15ºC, Kg/l D 1298 0.8362

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Premium Synthetic Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid Multi-Vehicle ATF-LV, Gulf in India
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